Gentle and Safe Tooth Extractions to Preserve Your Oral Health

Have you been told your tooth must be removed? It’s sad news, but tooth removal is sometimes the only option to restore oral health. A dental extraction may be necessary to resolve discomfort and preserve your smile when your tooth is beyond saving or you have a troublesome wisdom tooth.

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If you need tooth removal services in Trenton, Michigan, JSP Dental is the office to go to. The thought of dental extractions may be terrifying, but not in our office. We use modern anesthetics, sedation dentistry, and light touch techniques to offer a stress-free dental experience during and after extractions.

Reasons why your tooth needs extraction

The team at JSP Dental will do everything possible to save your natural tooth. We offer dental crowns, fillings, root canals, dental bonding, and other treatments to preserve natural teeth. Still, there are instances when we can’t save the tooth.

We’ll recommend tooth removal in the following instances.

  • Severely damaged or decayed tooth
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Impacted wisdom tooth
  • Tooth overcrowding
  • Ankylosed baby tooth

Our modern office has the latest technology to help you maintain optimal dental health. You can be assured of high-quality dental care when dental extractions are necessary. 

Our stress-free dental extractions

We’ll only recommend tooth removal after exhausting all our restorative dental treatments. However, once we establish your tooth needs to be extracted, you have nothing to worry about. Before the procedure, we’ll administer local anesthesia to minimize discomfort. Still, if you want added comfort, we can discuss our sedation dentistry options.

Depending on your situation, dental extractions can either be simple or surgical.

  • Simple extractions: General extractions are ideal for teeth visible above the gum line. After numbing your gums, the dentist uses forceps to loosen your tooth from its socket using a back-and-forth motion. Once the tooth is loose, we pull it out using an elevator.
  • Surgical extractions: If your tooth is impacted or broken at the gum line level, we’ll remove it surgically. We’ll make a small incision on the gums, remove the bone around it, and break the tooth into small pieces for easier removal. We finally clean and suture the surgical site to kick-start recovery.

All our extractions are performed with gentle techniques to cause as little trauma to the surrounding tissues as possible. And where your tooth needs to be replaced, we plan replacement beforehand to ensure you don’t face life without teeth.

Painless dental extractions near me

Whether you need a routine or emergency dental extraction, you can count on JSP Dental for skilled care. Please call (734) 676-1333 to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors.