Enjoy Optimal Oral Health and a Happy Life with our General Dentistry Services

The team at JSP Dental is thrilled to offer you quality dental care at our Trenton, Michigan, office. We have designed our office around you, and our dental team can’t wait to meet you. Whether you are coming for a dental cleaning, or other general dental care, expect us to treat you like the family you are. Our practice has the proper equipment and team to care for patients of all ages. Schedule today to make a difference in your oral health. 

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Our general dental care services

Appropriate dental care today saves you oral pain and costly treatments in the future. Our general dental care services are designed to help you and your family lead healthy, happy lives. We ensure you reach this milestone by providing the services below.

  • Routine dental exams and cleanings: We advise all our patients to adhere to semi-annual dental check-ups to keep their oral health in check. Regular dental exams allow us to detect and treat problems as early as possible. Our professional cleanings eliminate troublesome plaque and tartar to keep your smile free from cavities, gum disease, bad breath, and other problems. 
  • Tooth fillings: We usually detect cavities during routine dental exams, but when you spot tooth decay at home, have it treated immediately. Delaying cavity treatment can lead to further health complications, including tooth loss! But why compromise your oral health when treating cavities is easy and painless? Our office uses composite fillings to treat cavities and minor tooth decay. This conservative treatment is so discreet that you won’t know the difference between filled and unfilled teeth.
  • Root canals: When tooth infection reaches the pulp chamber, we administer safe and effective root canals to save your tooth. A root canal eliminates the diseased pulp chamber and restores your tooth with a crown for durability.
  • Extractions: We believe in saving every tooth, but sometimes, our restorative dental care can only do so much. When your tooth is beyond saving, we offer dental extraction as the best way to preserve oral health.  
  • Gum disease treatment: Oral health isn’t all about teeth — we offer periodontal care to ensure your gums remain healthy and beautiful.

Are you looking for a general dentist in Trenton, MI? Call (734) 676-1333, and let us worry about your teeth and gums. Our practice has several dentists — Drs. Noel Jackson, Sheri Snider, Kristen Parker, and Madison Thomas  — to ensure all dental care needs are cared for in one location.