114307615494839964028 Testimonials Trenton, MI
Amanda Gebrael
18:33 29 Sep 23
Office is clean, everyone is friendly and i’ve never had to wait more than a couple minutes in the waiting room. i see Dr Parker and i’ve had nothing but great experiences with her, her assistant Joy and my Dental Hygienist, Theresa.
114307615494839964028 Testimonials Trenton, MI
Janet OConnor
17:04 14 Jun 23
Called JSP in extreme pain - got me in! Turns out I needed 2 root canals!! In just a few days roots canals done and crowns on and I am pain free !! Looks great too! Everyone was empathetic to my situation and the doctors took care of me as well as the staff and billing department. I cannot Thank JSP enough and am happy to have found our "dental home".
114307615494839964028 Testimonials Trenton, MI
Jon Woolum
16:09 08 Jun 23
Dr. Parker and the staff here are top notch professionals! I love it and so does my wife and kids. Family friendly environment with up to date technology in Dentistry! Will never go anywhere else!
114307615494839964028 Testimonials Trenton, MI
Kristina Djordjevski
18:56 07 Jun 23
This is by far the best dental office. I had no wait time, very clean, the receptionists were so kind and professional. Dr. Snider fixed my tooth and she was amazing. She came in and started the procedure and was beyond helpful and professional. I live on Grosse Ile and I recommend everyone here! I highly recommend this dental office!
114307615494839964028 Testimonials Trenton, MI
Jan Walker
17:28 02 May 23
Best dental office in town! Dr. Parker and her staff have been so kind and accommodating. I was nervous about going to the dentist and everyone made me feel right at home. I'll be a patient for life! Can't recommend this office enough!
114307615494839964028 Testimonials Trenton, MI
Rachel Estrada
22:32 24 Apr 23
My 2 year old just had the best first dentist visit! Everyone was great with her, and she can't wait to go back.
114307615494839964028 Testimonials Trenton, MI
April Scamp
22:25 19 Apr 23
“Best day ever”My daughter is 7. Had seen a previous dentist with an unfavorable experience. She has a sensitive gag reflex and the worst happened. This accelerated her nerves and scared her for any future dental appointments. Dr Parker reached out to me and offered to help us get Sadie to feel comfortable in the chair again. Our first appt was a consultation. We were offered to complete paperwork from home prior to the appt so it would speed up our visit. When we arrived, we were greeted with friendly staff. Sadie was still very nervous and had cried on the way there but loosened up a little during the consult. We returned 2 weeks later to execute the plan the Dr. Parker established (a filling and 2 extractions). Brittany was our dental assistant and she made Sadie comfortable from the first min, showing and explaining tools and what to expect. When Dr Parker came in she was ready to go…and it was FANTASTIC. Dr Parker and Brittany worked so well together with their “code words” and talking to Sadie and offering breaks. Shot, drill, pulling….those words were never spoken. She was so proud of herself and I was too! I treated her to lunch and shopping after and while we were shopping, she said “this is the best day ever!”Thank you Dr. Parker and Brittany! We will have another best day ever in 2 weeks!
114307615494839964028 Testimonials Trenton, MI
Cyndi Stanifer
00:46 01 Apr 23
Recommended dental office due to an emergency. They scheduled me immediately. Dr. Cannon and all of the staff were friendly and competent. Anyone that is hesitant about dental procedures should feel completely at ease here.
114307615494839964028 Testimonials Trenton, MI
Patricia Compos
14:10 10 Mar 23
Highly recommend.Dr. Parker was so patient and helpful with my nervous family member. Explained everything very clearly, gave lots of options and was very non-judgmental.Dr. Parker was NOT focused on just getting the procedure done, but rather was focused on making my relative comfortable.
114307615494839964028 Testimonials Trenton, MI
Scott Adams
21:54 06 Mar 23
Great staff, very helpful. Use to be a white knuckler just getting my teeth clean, let them know and they listened. Kelly is my favorite and only hygienist I let clean my teeth. Dr Snider is the best, I am very relaxed when she works on me! I almost fell asleep while she was doing a root canal! Insurance ran out last year so we planned on doing a tooth that needed attention in the new year. I forgot, they didn't, received a call from them to set up an appointment.I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!!
114307615494839964028 Testimonials Trenton, MI
Jessica Shelton
18:16 19 Jan 23
The best dental cleaning experience I’ve ever had!! The office is so nice, clean, personable, organized and team does great work. Couldn’t be more impressed. Thank you!
114307615494839964028 Testimonials Trenton, MI
Scott Beaudrie
12:26 23 Nov 22
I have been a patient of Dr. Jackson's since he started with Dr. Baun. That's over 30 years ago. My appointment on November 22, 2022, was the best ever. Dr. Jackson has new numbing medication. It works fast. One shot, and you're numb. Talk about pain free dentistry!!!!! Also, he now uses bite blocks. Dr. Jackson is fast, good, and professional. Keep your mouth open, and you can have a cavity filled within a half hour.
114307615494839964028 Testimonials Trenton, MI
Mike Marcissuk
14:31 18 Oct 22
Katrina, Dr. Snider, and the entire staff were and are absolutely fantastic! Extremely nice and welcoming, make you feel like family. Go above and beyond to take care of their patients both in office and for referrals.
114307615494839964028 Testimonials Trenton, MI
E Koby
14:03 30 Sep 22
Forgive this long review, the details feel important. Last Friday, September 23, 2022, I was preparing to say a final good bye to my beloved mother, her memorial service was scheduled at 5pm that day. I had an accident at home and chipped away a good portion of one of my front teeth. I was horrified and in a panic. My daughter called JSP Dental and they were able to give me a 1pm appointment at an office I'd never before visited with a dentist I'd never seen before. I've been a patient of my current dentist for more than 45 years and because I suffer greatly from dentist anxiety this visit was one I was not looking forward to, especially on the day of my mother's funeral. JSP Dental made it easy for my daughter to complete my paperwork online for me before the visit. I received a phone call that they had a cancellation and if I wished I could come in early for my appointment at 11am. I was treated so nicely from the minute I stepped into the office. Stone, the Dental Assistant listened to my story (I was embarrassingly emotional due to just losing my mom) he was more than kind and understanding. Dr. Maxine Cannon came in (Stone had filled her in on my situation) and so she also took my streaming tears in stride. She calmed my fears and told me that she would fix me up and make sure that all was right once again with my broken tooth. She and Stone continually checked on my comfort during the procedure. Dr. Cannon explained each part of the process as she was working. I left the office in less than 1/2 hour and was on my home to prepare for the service. There are truly no words to express my gratitude to JSP Dental, and most specifically, Dr. Cannon and Stone. They fixed me up on what was one of the worst days of my life and did so professionally, skillfully and most importantly, compassionately. I hope if you are looking for a new dentist, or if you have an emergency that you give JSP Dental your business, I promise you, you won't be sorry. I highly recommend Dr.Cannon (although, I have no doubt that Dr. Jackson and the leadership of this practice hire the best of the best and I am sure that you will be happy with any of the fine doctors at this office). Thank you so much, Dr. Cannon and Stone, I will be forever grateful for this experience and your kind care of me.
114307615494839964028 Testimonials Trenton, MI
14:04 07 Jul 22
Always a pleasant atmosphere! I had two fillings done by Dr Cannon less than 48 minutes, I felt like I was the sole focus and the attention was on me the whole time. Painless and quick, who could ask for more. Thank you Dr Cannon ☺️
114307615494839964028 Testimonials Trenton, MI
Charles Knapp
13:01 28 Jun 22
Staff is always fantastic, make me feel like family while I'm there. Always have good advice and do a fantastic job keeping my oral health on point! Recommend any day!
114307615494839964028 Testimonials Trenton, MI
Aaron Young
23:33 18 May 22
Great office! They are great with both of my kids. They have worked with me on a number of procedures and I could not be happier with their service every time.
114307615494839964028 Testimonials Trenton, MI
Ryan Carlson
13:13 27 Apr 22
Dr. Parker is absolutely awesome and my kids love seeing her. After a bad experience at a previous dentist, Dr. Parker has regained my kids trust with the dentist and does an amazing job keeping them comfortable during any procedures. Highly recommend them!!
114307615494839964028 Testimonials Trenton, MI
Paul Bettendorf
23:54 20 Apr 22
Outstanding people from checkin to the Dentists. Doctor Jackson is the best dentist I have ever had the privilege of meeting. Great service and care, I feel relaxed and calm while there. Their work is exemplary. Need great service I recommend JSP Dental!!
114307615494839964028 Testimonials Trenton, MI
Denica Holzworth
15:13 04 Feb 22
Love JSP dental! Everyone who works there is so knowledgeable and kind. They work with your schedule and have great hours. They were so amazing and patient with my 2 year old with her first appt- such an awesome experience. Don’t hesitate- they are the best!!
114307615494839964028 Testimonials Trenton, MI
The CoD Father
18:14 27 Jan 22
Always a pleasant experience. Great staff, very informative. Keep up the awesome job JSP!!!
114307615494839964028 Testimonials Trenton, MI
Kristin Kerr
21:11 26 Jan 22
Office is beautiful, staff is awesome. I love that they do lots of outside activities also within the community. Also, Lori is just so fantastic with my children.
114307615494839964028 Testimonials Trenton, MI
Lori Holcomb
17:35 24 Jan 22
Dr. Parker & her staff are amazing. So friendly & understanding. Highly recommend them!
114307615494839964028 Testimonials Trenton, MI
Lynn Jimenez
03:13 05 Jan 22
I had excellent care at JSP Dental today. My old dentist had left cement on my crown causing me pain and problems with my gums. My caregiver today noticed and was able to remove it. My teeth feel wonderfully clean and look beautiful!
114307615494839964028 Testimonials Trenton, MI
Deb Cline
01:50 16 Dec 21
The only reason that makes my trip to the dentist enjoyable is Lori! The best hygienist! I’ve been seeing her probably about 20 years. I may have strayed for a few years due to insurance reasons, but I’ll always be back!The office/admin/front desk staff is truly remarkable!Of course, Dr. Parker, Dr. Snider and the rest of the team are wonderful as well! Dr. Parker is always there for me when needed!I hope to never leave!
114307615494839964028 Testimonials Trenton, MI
Renee Hounshell
12:41 19 May 21
Jsp dental is the only place I will go. They care so much and it really shows. Excellent staff!
114307615494839964028 Testimonials Trenton, MI
Kathleen Linkous
18:51 21 Apr 21
Everyone is so friendly. When you go in yo u feel relaxed. All of the dentest there are awesome.
114307615494839964028 Testimonials Trenton, MI
SAlly Honer
07:24 20 Apr 21
It is always a great experience coming to this office and Lori codes a great job cleaning my teeth.
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