Reclaim Your Beautiful, Functional Smile with All-on-X Dental Implants

Traditional dentures have their place in dentistry, but they can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, especially as your jawbone copes with tooth loss. Many people think dentures are the only option for replacing teeth after extensive tooth loss. But there is a better way! With All-on-4 dental implants from JSP Dental in Trenton, Michigan, we can replace your old dentures for good, and you can start enjoying food and smiling in public. Full-arch dental implants are comfortable, stable, and life-looking, just like natural teeth.

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What are All-on-X implants?

You may have heard about All-on-4, All-on-6, All-on-X, or full-mouth dental implants, but they all refer to the same thing. This teeth restoration replaces an entire arch of missing teeth with just 4-6 implants placed at an angle in the mouth.

Instead of an implant for every tooth lost, the All-on-X technique uses a predetermined number of implants to support a natural-looking denture. Unlike traditional dentures secured by adhesives and suction, All-on-X dental implants are affixed to the jawbone, offering stability and predictability. 

Placing full-mouth implants can be done in one day. After implant surgery, the dentist places an abutment that links the implant fixtures to the prosthetic tooth. Once the implant and abutment are in place, we attach a temporary restoration for the next 3-4 months as the implants heal and fuse with bone.

After healing and fusion, you’ll visit our office to replace your temporary prosthetic teeth with a permanent, custom-fitted denture. Now, you can savor every bite of your food without giving a second thought about your teeth. You can also smile from ear to ear without worrying about fake-looking teeth. 

Benefits of All-on-X dental implants

The All-on-X system eliminates embarrassing slippage by securing a custom-fitted dental restoration to 4-6 implants per jaw. Teeth anchored in the jawbone remarkably improve your biting and chewing force, almost like natural teeth. 

The other benefits of full-mouth dental implants include:

  • Restored natural speech
  • Bone mass preservation
  • A fixed and permanent dental solution
  • Renewed confidence
  • Natural-looking restorations
  • Easy maintenance
  • More cost-effective than traditional dental implants

JSP Dental can give you something to smile about, whether you have lost your teeth to injury, gum disease, or decay. Our dentists use All-on-X dental to restore your smile’s function and aesthetics. Please call (734) 676-1333 to discover how easy it is to get the beautiful grin you’ve always desired.