Rebuild Your Smile with Safe and Life-looking Bioclear Bonded Fillings

Do you have tooth decay, broken teeth, or minor cavities? Bioclear bonded fillings from JSP Dental are excellent for restoring your smile and oral health. Our tooth fillings are made from bio-inert, composite resin that helps achieve natural-looking results without posing safety concerns to patients.

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When you need cavities or tooth decay fixed in Trenton, Michigan, you can entrust your smile to our office. Our dentists — Drs. Noel Jackson, Sheri Snider, Kristen Parker, and Madison Thomas — use non-toxic materials to guarantee safe results in all treatments.

How tooth fillings are placed

Many people often associate composite resin with cavity treatment. While that’s true, composites have other uses in dentistry. Composite bonding can repair minor tooth damage, including chips and little cracks. Sometimes, we can use this material to treat dark triangles at the base of teeth caused by gum recession and other factors. Cosmetically, we can use this material to fix dental issues like stained teeth or minor spaces between teeth.

Treating cosmetic issues with composites requires little tooth preparation. However, if your tooth has decay or damage, we’ll carefully remove the damaged tooth portion and then clean the area to eliminate unwanted bacteria. The next step is to fill the void left with composite resin. After application, we use a curing light to harden the material for a durable restoration.

Next, we reshape your tooth until your bite feels natural. Finally, we’ll polish the filling for a natural-looking finish. Composite resin lasts over 5-7 years, but its lifespan can go beyond this period, depending on the location and your oral hygiene. 

Benefits of bioclear tooth fillings

Bioclear fillings are an innovative white filling system that addresses several dental issues. This treatment offers numerous benefits, including.

  • Natural feel and appearance
  • Minimally invasive treatment
  • It’s usually a single-visit dental treatment
  • It contains non-toxic materials
  • Secure bond with the tooth

Ready to restore your smile with our bioclear dental fillings? Visit or contact the team at JSP Dental by calling (734) 676-1333. Our office is conveniently located in Trenton, MI, but we serve new and existing patients from the nearby locations of Woodhaven, Riverview, Southgate, Grosse Ile, Brownstown, Gibraltar, Taylor, Wyandotte, Monroe, and Flat Rock, MI