Enjoy Relaxed Dental Care with Sedation Dentistry from JSP Dental

Do you feel anxious before or during a dental procedure? It’s okay to feel nervous or even fearful before a trip to the dentist. JSP Dental understands all patients aren’t the same. We help patients with dental anxiety overcome their fears with sedation dental care. Our team offers oral and IV sedation dentistry in Trenton, Michigan, to make dental appointments and procedures more tolerable for you. 

Inhalation Sedation at Clinic

Eliminate dental fear with our sedation dentistry options

If you experience dental anxiety, have you ever asked where this fear came from? No one was born with dental fear. Many patients have acquired dental phobia from many factors, including loss of control, fear of needles, fear of pain, past negative dental experiences, etc.

Whatever the cause of your dental fear, we offer the sedation dental care choices below for a worry-free dental experience.

  • Oral sedation: This sedation type involves taking a prescription pill an hour before your treatment. Several oral sedatives exist, and our doctors will discuss the options with you to determine the best choice. The anti-anxiety medication calms your nerves to give you deep relaxation as the dentist works on you. Under this sedation, you’ll remain conscious and even respond to our instructions. While you might fall asleep, a slight nudge is always sufficient to awaken you. Oral sedation creates short-term amnesia, so you’ll remember little about your treatment!
  • IV sedation dentistry: Some procedures in dentistry require a deeper level of sedation. IV sedation is an excellent choice for complex dental procedures, such as implant surgery or surgical extraction. For IV sedation, we administer the medication through an IV line inserted in a vein in your arm. This sedation type is fast-acting because the drug is delivered directly into the bloodstream. Like oral sedation, the treatment makes you lose track of time, making complex procedures seem faster.

Sedation dentistry isn’t a painkiller. So, if your procedure requires anesthesia, we’ll administer it for optimal comfort. We follow strict sedation dental care protocols to achieve effective and safe outcomes. 

Kick out the fear in dentistry with a sedation dentist

Dental treatments don’t have to be painful and anxiety-invoking. Sedation dental care helps you overcome dental anxiety for comfortable and relaxed dentistry. To enjoy fear-free dental care in Trenton, MI, please call (734) 676-1333 to schedule an appointment with our team.