Achieve a Stunning Smile Transformation with Personalized Smile Makeover Services

Do you wish you had a smile with perfectly aligned, bright, and symmetrical teeth? This smile could be all yours, thanks to a smile makeover from JSP Dental in Trenton, Michigan. From correcting discoloration and misalignment to enhancing the size and shape of your teeth, a full smile makeover from our team can create the captivating smile of your dreams.

Two women friends laughing with a perfect white teeth

Enjoy a stunning new you with our smile makeover

A smile makeover combines cosmetic dentistry and some restorative dental care services to change several aspects of your teeth, including the color, shape, size, and alignment. Before the treatment, we’ll assess your teeth, gums, and overall health. We’ll also listen to your current concerns and understand your smile goals to create a personalized treatment plan to design a smile you’ll cherish for years.

Our smile makeover incorporates many treatments, including: 

  • Teeth whitening: Nothing boosts your confidence like a radiant-looking smile. Unfortunately, tooth stains can build up, depriving your smile of its brilliance. Professional teeth whitening provides the ultimate solution for removing tooth discoloration and brightening your smile with safe, consistent, and durable outcomes. 
  • Porcelain veneers: Using ultra-thin, custom-fitted porcelain shells, our team can erase stubborn discoloration, chips, gaps, and misalignments from your teeth for an impeccable smile.
  • Porcelain crowns: We use beautiful porcelain crowns to breathe life into significantly damaged or decayed teeth. A dental crown or cap improves your tooth’s appearance and function and stays put for many years with proper maintenance.
  • Dental bonding: Minor cosmetic flaws don’t always require porcelain veneers or crowns. We can use tooth-colored material (composite resin) to camouflage minor imperfections to create a striking and luminous smile.
  • Dental implants: One or more missing teeth can affect your smile’s aesthetics and functionality. We offer durable, functional, and natural-looking dental implants to replace missing teeth, boosting your aesthetics, confidence, and oral function. 
  • Invisalign: Our office uses the revolutionary Invisalign system to correct crooked, overlapping, or overcrowded teeth. This orthodontic system uses minimally invisible trays to deliver perfectly aligned smiles with minimal fuss.

Every aspect of your smile makeover is meticulously designed to achieve a remarkable transformation — no guesswork or “copy-paste” approach. Whether it’s tooth alignment or changing the shape, color, or size of your teeth, everything is artfully planned to match the aspects of your ideal smile. 

Ready for a smile makeover in Trenton, MI? Please call (734) 676-1333 to schedule a consultation with JSP Dental.